Winter Weather Policy

If Hermantown Schools close due to weather, all appointments will be converted to Telehealth appointments. Providers' Telehealth links can be found under the 'Telemedicine' tab on our website.

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Northern Waters Clinic offers you numerous options on how you receive mental health care, with services that provide you with the right resources guaranteed to get your mental health and wellness back on track.

We are conveniently located just outside the Miller Hill Mall parking lot. Our team carefully determines what challenges the clients face and provides them with a care plan personalized to their varied situations, along with the use of the resources available to help them live more fulfilled lives.

As professionals, we are confident that our services will help our clients become more well informed about their situation so we can guide them into making the best decisions when it comes to their well-being. We bring our clients peace of mind in knowing that they have made the right choice with the experts who will prioritize their mental health and wellness.

Need more information about our clinic? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.