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What Are the Benefits of Psychotherapy?

What Are the Benefits of Psychotherapy?

Seeking mental health services is a huge step and one that’s worth celebrating. If you’ve decided to take your mental health care in Minnesota into your own hands and see a professional, you may find psychotherapy to be at the forefront of mental health care treatment—and for good reason. Per the American Psychological Association, about 75% of individuals who have undergone psychotherapy report benefitting from the mental health care intervention.

But what is psychotherapy? And how can you potentially benefit from the service?

As professionals in psychiatry in Duluth and providers of psychiatric services in Hermantown, Minnesota, here is a briefer from us here at Northern Waters Clinic.

Put simply, psychotherapy or talk therapy is a way to enable individuals face their mental conditions as well as the symptoms that go with it and then determine a healthy way to cope. It is provided by mental health professionals and may or may not accompany a prescription.

And while there are many different approaches to psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, dialectical behavior therapy, which is a type of CBT, and interpersonal therapy, among others, psychotherapy, in general, aims to help you function better in your day-to-day activities and enhance the overall state of your mental health.

Here are a few benefits of undergoing psychotherapy:

  • It can help you overcome destructive behaviors.
  • It can help you learn of healthy coping mechanisms.
  • It can help you identify triggers that cause you to act rashly and create effective strategies that can help control your response.
  • It can help you improve your self-reliance.
  • It can help you improve your communication, resolve conflicts effectively, and mend your broken relationships.

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